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How to choose restaurant POS system?

PBM - Pacific Business Machine Ltd. ,  Chief Executive Officer write a recommended solution to all valued prospective new customers:

Since June 2009,  PBM has designed and developed  a touch-screen restaurant POS system, the user response to an unprecedented, in just a few months, has been installed in restaurants and retail stores more than 100 great acclaim, the product of the performance and quality have reached a very high international standards. PBM is a high-tech companies have their brand name and intellectual property rights and has a huge R & D team as well as the production base.

PBM developed by restaurant POS systems and cash register products, their uniqueness lies in its product belongs electronic parts (including the motherboard), software and structure, both its own research and development. With a different computer motherboard, PBM motherboard is based on the required functionality designed to run only the PBM and the motherboard R & D software. Therefore, PBM's restaurant POS system can be stable and reliable operation, and a return visit rate and repair rate is almost zero. Comparison with other similar products such as PC based POS motherboard manufacturer in Taiwan, running Windows is a Microsoft research and development, POS software is another software vendors to develop. Therefore, the three parties agreed to meet the normal operation of the entire POS system. In fact, in the case of lack of co-ordination, tri-parties difficult to coordinate, resulting in frequent crashes of the normal operation situation.

PBM's management has accumulated many years experience of its R & D team is learned from JCM (Japan Cash Machine) and ROYAL technological superiority. PBM's major markets concentrated in Europe and the United States, even in the overseas market, the foot has been, and big brands such as first-line (Casio, Samsung, Sharp, etc.) to compete. Fiscal cash register in the Greek-led, PBM market share of more than half, while the PBM's touch-screen restaurant POS system is TOP Product! The three major supermarket chains in the United States (a total of 1000 stores) sales of products, thanks to its biggest advantages: a stable and reliable, industry POS expert offer PBM with high praise.

Do not crash, do not hang machine, zero-maintenance, simple, easy to learn and easy to use, high stability and high reliability are the characteristics of PBM-POS restaurant system.

At this point, I thank the distinguished majority of restaurants shop owners, valued customers for support and trust, and wish the major commercial multiple profits, booming.
Why do we choose PBM-POS International Green Brand :     POS/Cash registers related products ?

Because PBM, Pacific Business Machines Ltd, is a professional leading manufacturer of Electronic Cash Registers, Point-of-Sales (POS) Systems and associated accessories (POS printers, barcode scanners, cash drawers, etc.). We sell these products under the PBM brand world-wide, as well as under other brand names (ROYAL, JCM ) through OEM agreements. PBM-POS International Green Brand products are in wide distribution in Asia, Europe and the USA. In addition to our standard cash register line, we are also able to provide fiscal cash register solutions and are open to discuss other custom solutions for OEM agreements.

PBM provide reliable and low cost Green Brand POS systems products to world-wide customers.

Does PBM offer technical/after-sales support ?

Yes! PBM, Pacific Business Machines Ltd, have a large team of R & D professional engineers, providing comprehensive technical/after-sales support services.

Any well-known world wide Customers using PBM-POS     International Green Brand : POS/Cash registers products ?
What is PBM Green Technology ?

PBM-POS International Green Brand - POS and cash registers products are mainly designed for environmental impact reduction in three major areas: energy saving and global warming mitigation, resource conservation and recycling, and pollution prevention. The major actions taken are as follows :

  • reduce carbon dioxide(C02) emission throughout the product lifecycle.
  • reduce chemical substances to minimize environmental risk such as lead free materials
  • reduced electricity consumption
  • provide Fanless POS/Cash registers products which meet Europe Union (EU) requirement

In order to ensure environmental protection, PBM-POS International Green Brand products are committed to upholding the principle of zero waste production, while actively developing a series of energy saving, reduce noise and air pollution POS and cash registers products. All this actions, customers can have a more healthy Green and lovely environment.

Green news

How can we become the dealers/distributors of PBM-POS     International Green Brand products ?

Please refer to Dealership web page.


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